About Us


Onboarded is an Australian company, founded in 2017. 

We're a team of doctors, developers, designers and data scientists, striving to make Health Decisions Easier. We pair evidence-based medicine with the latest insights in behavioural economics, user experience and machine learning.


Why behavioural economics?

Many health decisions are presented in ways that are hard, or even impossible, for patients to process...

The more cerebral effort we demand from patients, the more of a negative and suspicious reaction we evoke. We know that patients weigh factors systematically and make judgements that tend to be logically related to their individual needs and contextual factors. Using these types of behavioural insights, we make information easier for patients to understand and to find solutions that are best suited to them. 


Onboarded's Vision

We firmly believe that making health decision easier aligns with the primary goal and purpose of ALL healthcare participants. By improving health outcomes and efficiency, we've provided benefits to patients, providers and payees.

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